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New Zealand Music Month 2017 Profiles

By Kate Taylor.

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Almost single-handedly keeping the New Zealand hardcore scene lean, mean and pumping, Grafton’s XILE is a force to be reckoned with and herald much more than just a technically proficient bunch of hardcore battlers. These five members: Dylan Cameron and Simon Bonner on guitar, Lee Waddingham on bass, James Horton on drums and Luke ‘Muscles’ Manson on punishing, throat tearing vox; are building a movement.

From their irresistibly good looking merch that you wanna rep till you’re buried in it, to the passionate cries of ‘369!’ or the cacophony of barks to signal the arrival of the wardens of ‘the dog pound’ to stage, there’s a feeling of momentum that travels along with these lads and the excitement is undeniable.

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Influenced by European beatdown like Nasty, Desolated, Malevolence; and inspired by New Zealand legacies left by The Burial and Promise of Bloodshed; XILE are brutally precise and heavy with their riffs, breakdowns and blast beasts with a crushing live presence that demands your attention, as they thrash out tunes themed on all those good hardcore ethics – like opposing prejudice and societal decay.

Hard-working and fun loving, XILE play as often as they can locally in Auckland and around the country; currently on their second trip across the ditch to take their unique brand of face-melting hardcore to the Aussies in NSW and QLD – so make sure you see and support these saviours of the hardcore scene before they’re tempted to up-sticks to Oz like so many before them.

For the best eight minutes and thirty seconds of your NZ hardcore listening career, hit up the Grafton EP on Spotify and loop that shit until we get some more recorded goodness from these heavy lads that fucking mean it!

This profile is a part of our NZ Music Month coverage, celebrating new and upcoming Kiwi artists. For more information on XILE you can visit their Facebook, or follow them on Spotify and Instagram. For more information on NZ Music Month you can visit their website.

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