Ciaran McMeeken, Auckland NZ, 2017

Ciaran McMeeken
10th August 2017
The Tuning Fork, Auckland, New Zealand.

Review by Lauren Sanderson. Photography by Chris Morgan.

Ciaran McMeeken performing live in Auckland, New Zealand, 2017. Image by Chris Morgan.

It’s been a busy month for Indie pop god Ciaran McMeeken who not only released his debut self-titled album but also travelled the country to celebrate the release. He ended his tour at Auckland’s Tuning Fork last night and boy what a show to end on.

The audience waited in anticipation for McMeeken and his three-piece band to take to the stage. As soon he stepped foot onto the set, the room was packed with high-pitched squeals and let’s just say some of them were not from his girl fans.

My Kin, the first song recorded of the 50 that he wrote for the album kicked off the night. The energy in the room intensified as soon as McMeeken struck the first chord. The bouncing melodies and guitar riffs made it feel as if we were at a festival in the midst of summer. The lyrics ‘light it up’ pretty much sums up what the boys did with this opening track.

Which way shall we go followed. Touching upon the beauty of Aotearoa, the well-crafted lyrics showcased McMeeken’s flawless vocals and captured the musical abilities of the entire band. Hands in the air, the crowd sighted each lyric word for word while clapping simultaneously to the mesmerizing beat.

The boys took it down a notch with Spanish Steps, which was never meant to be recorded but has blossomed into one of McKeeken’s favourite tracks. Boy was brought to life by the acoustic rhythms and soft harmonies. Both tracks are not as folky as his other songs, which makes for a gentle and genuine performance.

The mood once again changed as City was introduced. The energy in the room reached another level as the crowd bounced, cheered, and clapped there way towards the front of the stage. McMeeken enjoying every moment threw his pick into the crowd, to which a lucky girl caught it.

McMeeken doesn’t realise how talented he is and that’s what separates him from other artists. He almost looked overwhelmed that so many people had turned up to see him play. Not only is his musical ability incredible but he also has great stage presence and isn’t afraid to dish out the banter.

The night ended just as it started with hands thrown into the air and smiles on faces as the boys play one last song – Hallelujah. There was certainly love in the air last night as a member of the crowd shouts ‘I love you’ and McMeeken responds with ‘I love you too, I love you Auckland’.

Were you there at the Tuning Fork for this beautiful performance? Or have you seen Ciaran McMeeken perform live somewhere else before? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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