Ambient Light is the brainchild of two professional photographers, Doug Peters and Meagan Kerr. Both formally qualified and with many years of industry experience under their belts, Doug and Meagan wanted to provide an outlet for the knowledge and information rattling around in their heads, and so Ambient Light was born.

Ambient Light is first and foremost a space to showcase the art of a small select team of New Zealand photographers and writers dedicated to covering live music and theatre events, as well as being somewhere to find out about upcoming events, both musical and photographic in nature.

Ambient Light is also a space where we can feature other amazing artists from the wider world (through interviews), new photography products (through previews and reviews) and a great place to learn new photographic techniques (through tutorials and workshops). Taking it’s name from Doug’s photography business, Ambient Light is also a space to showcase both Doug and Meagan’s personal photography from their archives – from Live Concerts to Portraiture to Landscapes.

Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you around again soon!